Audionet’s relentless pursuit of audio perfection positioned the German manufacturer at the forefront of true high performance audio. Audionet’s quest is to build components that not only compete with the very best on the market - but also with itself . The result: audio components that leave the listener with unbridled joy, exhuberance and a sense of being there that is rarely, if at all, experienced elsewhere.


Audionet never builds products that are good enough. This requires a long term approach and thinking which was exercised with great discipline over the last 20 years: Audionet’s engineers don’t have to stop and call it a day because of the pressure to release a product. As a consequence, some of our products have been in development for over 10 years. That’s why Audionet products have, once released, a remarkably long life cycle and are meant to bring you closest to the music for years to come.


Audionet’s quest for perfection means the rather inconvenient, and often highly unreasonable pursuit of the best engineers world wide, the best materials and – if necessary – the complete redesign if a product does not deliver on all counts. This approach is extremely rare in a world driven by short term gain – but it builds lasting friendships with audio connoisseurs world wide and a level of satisfaction that no “job” can deliver. In Germany we call meaningful work “Beruf” (a “calling”).